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The Conshohocken Muay Thai Kickboxing programs at Hart BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA are ready for you!

Come learn muay thai kickboxing with our knowledgeable staff, hardworking team, and get in the best shape of your life. Learning kickboxing should be easy, fun and in a safe and controlled environment.

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“Super supportive, friendly and welcoming. Great for beginners.”
—Dennis J.

Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart’s Conshohocken Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Learn Muay Thai at Hart BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA academy in Conshohocken PA. Our Conshohocken Muay Thai Kickboxing program at Harts focuses on helping our students safely and effectively learn authentic Muay Thai. Joining a kickboxing class and learning mauy thai should be safe, fun and a challenging experience.  Our Instructors at Hart’s are ready to take you through kicking, punching, elbowing and kneeing techniques. In time, we will have you hitting striking mitts like a pro and getting your body in the best fitness shape of you life.

Why Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing at Hart’s Conshohocken Martial Arts Academy?

You will be learning kickboxing and Muay Thai with coaches that understand the sport, tradition and the martial art. Our instructors at Harts are highly skilled and have years of kickboxing and muay thai experience. We focus on Muay Thai, with a strong, systematic approach to help students develop and learn the art of 8 limbs. Learn key details, strategies and proven techniques of muay thai to help ensure your success. Below are just some quick facts about Harts Muay Thai MMA academy and Instructors so you know you are in the correct hands for starting your training.

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA Striking program.
  • Organized Muay Thai Competitor Training.
  • Strength And Conditioning Programs.
  • Nutrition Coaching for Team Hart and Competitors.
  • Up and Coming MMA and Muay Thai Competition Team.
  • Positive, Hardworking and Friendly Coaches and Teammates.



Conshy MMA

Come Join our Conshy MMA classes and enjoy the process of redefining yourself through martial arts. Whether you live in Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting or one of the surrounding areas of #Conshy, we are here to help you. Take part in our Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Group Fitness programs, or work to join our team mma practices. Learn MMA HERE.


Jiu Jitsu Program

Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with Hart Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts today! We are the Conshohocken area’s experts in jiu jitsu education and training. We specialize in teaching BJJ for self defense, sport jiu jitsu and BJJ for MMA . BJJ has been the most sought after martial art for mixed martial artists since Royce Gracie showcased the effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu in the first UFC events. Before rules, time limits and weight classes, BJJ showed its effectiveness against all comers regardless of size and attributes.


Muay Thai Kickboxing

Join our Conshohocken Muay Thai Kickboxing program that meets 5 days a week! Come learn and train authentic muay thai at Harts. Learn valuable fighting techniques, while you punch, kick, elbow and knee your way to getting ripped, fit and fight ready.  Learn to love kickboxing through the art of 8 limbs, which is Muay Thai. You will reap the fantastic benefits from the quality instruction and challenging work out. Read More about Muay Thai at Harts Here.

People Love Kickboxing at Harts Mixed Martial Arts.

You do not have to be a super athlete or even in shape to start learning kickboxing. Join us and take the first step in pursuing a more active, engaging and positive lifestyle choice. Unlike the gym weights, the benefits of muay thai training has the ability to keep you wanting more. With a variety of kickboxing and fitness training options we help to ensure our training schedule fits your kickboxing and fitness needs. Build your strength and conditioning through Muay Thai. Our technical coaching and muay thai training drills will keep you chasing and perfecting your kickboxing craft. Motivation is not a problem when you are a part of a hardworking team, filled with talented coaches pushing you to your best. We pride ourselves at Hart’s on having safe, fun and challenging programs to assist all our students towards their martial arts, fitness and life goals.

“I have only been a member for a few weeks but I am loving the program so far. The instructors are not only very knowledgeable, but everyone including other members are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Everyone is eager to help you learn more and takes the time to help get things right. This is a very big reason to consider them for training week after week, and it’s a rare attitude I have not found in most other gyms.”

—Eric D.

Our Conshohocken Muay Thai Kickboxing Academy also serves these areas.

Hart Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial arts academy proudly serves Conshohocken, West Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting PA. We also serve the areas of Blue Bell PA, Layfayette Hill, Roxborough, Manayunk and more areas near Conshohocken PA.

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